Steaming Along – The erratic history of steam powered road vehicles. (Part 1)

Steaming Along – The erratic history of steam powered road vehicles. (Part 1) Today, when it comes to road transport, there is a slow but steady move away from the internal combustion engine and towards hybrid and electric power. In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries there was another challenger – steam. Steam was […]

9th May 1671 – Colonel Thomas Blood Steals the English Crown Jewels

Born in Ireland in 1618, by 1671 Thomas Blood had already had a colourful life. He initially fought for King Charles I in the English Civil War, but then switched sides and joined the Roundhead army. After the civil war he was involved in an attempt to kidnap the Duke of Ormonde from Dublin Castle […]

Warning to ET – Contains Scenes of Nudity

In November 1971, journalist Eric Burgess was visiting the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California to see the initial pictures from Mariner 9, the first spacecraft to orbit Mars. The pictures were disappointing as a huge dust storm was raging across the planet, but when Burgess was given the chance to have a look at JPL’s […]

4th June 1855 The Camel Corps – The USS Supply sets sail to acquire camels for the American Army

The USS Supply was a navy stores ship. It usually carried the likes of food, drink and ammunition; basically anything the navy needed to move from A to B. However, before setting out from New York in June 1855, the commander, Lieutenant David Dixon Porter, had spent the previous few weeks modifying the ship for […]

1st June 1940 From Titanic to Dunkirk, Charles Lightoller had an Eventful Life

On the morning of 1st June 1940 an old Royal Navy steam launch which had been converted into a pleasure cruiser set off across the English Channel from Ramsgate. At the helm was a 66 year old retired seaman who had lived what could reasonably be called ‘a full life’. That day the launch, called […]