I’m Steve. I work for a small company producing educational resources for schools but I have always had an interest in history – especially the little stories and anecdotes that often don’t make it into the history that is taught in schools or the more formal history books.

The aim of this blog is to bring some of this slightly odder history to a wider audience – and hopefully occasionally cause the reader to smile.

My choice of items will be fairly random; just things that have caught my interest. There might be a slight bias towards British history just because I was born and live in England. I’ve also got a science and engineering background so tales from those areas might also feature. Who knows?

A while ago I started writing a post about a Victorian man named John Gamgee, among other things he invented the ice-rink. The more I looked into his life, the more fascinating it became, and the post turned into a full-blown book called ‘Zeromotor Man’. It’s available to download from Amazon.